Bubba’s Bar-B-Q Tips Jan January 13 2017

  • 9: Don't Cheat on the Meat

    Get a quality piece of meat, whether it’s
    baby backs, spare ribs, whatever.

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  • 8: Pre-Season

    It’s too late to season the meat after it’s
    cooked. You’ve seared it and closed the
    pores. Put your dry rub and spices on
    before you start.

  • 7: Choose the right method

    You have two choices: grilling or
    barbecuing. Grilling is done at high
    temperature, 400 degrees Fahrenheit
    to cook the meat quickly and sear the
    juices in. Bar- b-q is done at a lower
    temperature. Low and slow is my motto.

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  • 6: Choose the right chips

    If you have wood chips, be careful what
    kind you use. Hickory and mesquite
    have a very strong flavor that not
    everyone likes.

  • 5: Don't Broil Ribs

    If your mama ever made soup, you
    might remember how the stock looked,
    all the stuff floating in the water after
    she boiled the meat. With ribs, that’s
    flavor you’re boiling out.

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  • 4: Sauce is a condiment

    Don’t make the meat swim in
    sauce. Only baste it with sauce the last
    5 minutes.

  • 3: Be Passionate

    Don’t just try to make a good meal. I tell
    my staff, the enemy of great is good. I’m
    not satisfied with good bar-b-q.

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  • 2: Use the fat

    Take the fat you cut off pulled- pork
    sandwiches and add it to the grill before
    cooking ribs. The smoking fat gives the
    ribs even more flavor.

  • 1: Pace yourself

    You can’t eat bar-b-q every day. If you
    did, we hope it would be ours!

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