Bubba’s Pulled Pork Sandwich July 01 2019


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Switch up the menu this summer with a sandwich that goes beyond the BBQ. Tender Bubba’s Pulled Pork served between layers of crisp and crunchy coleslaw on a buttery brioche bun is the ideal seasonal dish.





Bubba's Pulled Pork

Shredded Carrots, Cabbage and Broccoli

Coleslaw Dressing

Boston Lettuce

Brioche Buns





Prepare Bubba’s Pulled Pork according to package directions.


In a large bowl, toss all shredded vegetables with coleslaw dressing and chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Separate lettuce leaves and wash.


Assemble sandwiches between layers of lettuce, coleslaw and pulled pork on the brioche buns.


Serve simply, with a dill pickle and potato salad.



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