Bubba Talks Touchdowns & Throwbacks January 19 2018




We recently sat down with Al Bubba Baker, former NFL Pro and founder of Bubba’s Q, famous for their signature boneless baby back ribs. The 3x Pro Bowl Player shared his team and player favorites, and what it’s like playing in the NFL. Get the inside scoop from our exclusive sit-down interview below!



1. Which teams do you hope make it to the Super Bowl?


Al: Coming from Cleveland this may sound crazy, but I want to see an all-Pennsylvania team Super Bowl - Steelers vs Eagles. Here’s a perfect example of rooting for the enemy!  The Steelers are sworn enemies to Cleveland fans, but since we’re trying to discover ourselves in Cleveland, I’d much rather see the Steelers in the Big Game instead of New England this year.



2. Who is your favorite athlete in the NFL?


Al: Tom Brady! He’s the single common denominator in the New England, Patriots dominance. He’s like a fine bottle of wine… the older he gets, the better he gets. What an amazing athlete! Even at the ripe age of 40, if I were to have my own NFL team, he would be my QB. That’s a lot coming from an ex-defensive lineman that chased quarterbacks… like dogs’ chase cats, relentlessly!



3. Who are you rooting for?


Al: I think there is something going on down in Nar Lin’s (New Orleans), I’d like to see Drew Brees go out on top in his 17th season… WOW!



4. What is the most exciting part of the football season?


Al: I personally think the weeks before the playoffs, for example the Wild Card games.  Teams trying to make it to the playoffs are the games that draw both interested parties, and the teams pulling for teams that they wouldn’t normally root for in hopes they’ll make it into the playoffs.



5. What are some of your fondest memories of playing pro football?


Al: Lately I realized how special it was to have 23 quarterback sacks, be Rookie-of-the-Year, Defensive Lineman of the Year, named to the Pro Bowl and an All Pro at the age of 20. I spent the first 20 years of my life dreaming of wanting to be FAMOUS, age 21-41 trying to figure out what in the heck went wrong, and why did FAME hurt? From age 42 until present, I watched other FAMOUS people crash and burn! Present and future I’ve learned to live in the moment and that it’s OK to be proud of my past successes. I keep looking for new mountains to climb and surround myself with people I LOVE that LOVE ME BACK!



Thanks for reading! Check back next week for Part 2 of Al Bubba Baker’s interview!