Bubba's Best BBQ Grilling Tips March 24 2017


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With the winter coming to a close and spring heating up, Bar-B-Q season is upon us! While Bar-B-Qing is for all, there is definitely some skill associated with whipping up a tasty meal on the grill. Check out these tips below to help guide you through the BBQ basics and make your cookout the best that it can be!



1. Get your grill HOT!


Preheating the grill is super important. About 15-20 minutes before you start cooking, make sure to turn on your grill. That way, your grill will reach the optimal cooking temperate before any food hits it. This will allow for less cooking time and a more even cooking experience.



2. Know your grill


Whether you have a charcoal or gas grill, it’s important to know what you’re working with. While gas grills take longer to set up initially, charcoal grills take longer to light each time you’re using them.



3. Oil it up


Even on the cleanest grill, oil is still necessary for cooking. Make sure to oil up your heated grill so that your food won’t stick! Grab a paper towel or napkin soaked in oil and rub it on your grill. If not hot, this can be done by hand, but if done heated, use tongs so that you don’t burn yourself.



4. Keep it safe


While many put safety on the back burner, it needs to be a top priority when grilling. For example, a few things to keep in mind are avoiding cross contamination between raw and cooked foods, refrigerating raw foods, and never spraying cooking oil on a hot grill. All of these things could result in dangerous accidents that are easily avoidable.



5. Marinating your meat


If you want to infuse your food with flavor, marinating it is a must! Marinating your meat for a few hours ahead of cooking really helps it to seal in the juices and keep your products tasting great.



6. Rest your meat


While it’s so tempting to eat right away, letting your meat rest for about 5-10 minutes after it is done cooking. This helps the juices to evenly distribute and keeps your meat tender and juicy.



7. Cook with high quality products


When grilling, it’s important to get high quality cuts of meat so that you can guarantee a delicious experience. Our Bubba’s Q Ribs and burgers are perfect for cooking on the grill if we do say so ourselves!



We hope that you enjoyed the Bar-B-Q tips above and that they come in handy at your next cook out! Talk with us on Instagram @ShopBubbasQ and tell us your favorite grilling tips!