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Al 'Bubba' Baker Talks COVID-19, Football and More! September 18 2020

Al 'Bubba' Baker Talks COVID-19, Football and More!

      Given his professional experience in the NFL, Al 'Bubba' Baker has been getting a lot of questions from fans regarding the current season. Amidst a global pandemic, American football as we know it has changed dramatically — New rules, restrictions and guidelines being put in place to protect...

Bubba Talks Big Game Grub February 02 2018

Bubba Talks Big Game Grub

    In part two of our exclusive interview with Al ‘Bubba’ Baker, Al dishes all on his favorite Big Game must-have munchies. We also get his predictions for the Big Game and how he thinks the teams will perform overall. Keep reading to find out more below!    ...

Bubba Talks Touchdowns & Throwbacks January 19 2018

Bubba Talks Touchdowns & Throwbacks

      We recently sat down with Al Bubba Baker, former NFL Pro and founder of Bubba’s Q, famous for their signature boneless baby back ribs. The 3x Pro Bowl Player shared his team and player favorites, and what it’s like playing in the NFL. Get the inside scoop from...