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The Ultimate Bubba's Q Burrito September 16 2019

The Ultimate Bubba's Q Burrito

        Mexi Monday just got an upgrade! Instead of a traditional beef, chicken or steak burrito — Try our Boneless Baby Back Ribs! The only boneless ribs in the world, they make for a tender alternative to traditional burrito meats. We like to pair them with southern-style sides,...

Bubba's Signature Flatbread September 16 2019

Bubba's Signature Flatbread

        Say goodbye to traditional Pizza and flatbreads with this signature dish from Al "Bubba" Baker. Using his famous Boneless Baby Back Ribs, the NFL legend has discovered yet another way to bring his favorite food into his favorite recipe. It's easy, inexpensive to make, and above...

Bubba’s Pulled Pork Sandwich July 01 2019

Bubba’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Switch up the menu this summer with a sandwich that goes beyond the BBQ. Tender Bubba’s Pulled Pork served between layers of crisp and crunchy coleslaw on a buttery brioche bun is the ideal seasonal dish.     Ingredients   Bubba's Pulled Pork Shredded Carrots, Cabbage and Broccoli Coleslaw...

Bubba's Loaded Tater Tots July 01 2019

Bubba's Loaded Tater Tots

    Let’s face it, we're in the renaissance of the Tater Tot. This shareable, snackable finger food is popping up on gastropub and fast casual menus across the country. There are a thousand ways to load up your tots, but our favorite ingredient is Bubba’s Boneless Ribs.    ...

Bubba's Loaded Potato Skins June 12 2019

Bubba's Loaded Potato Skins

    Cookout season is upon us and while grilling everything from steaks, burgers and chops to chicken, fish and veggies is an easy upgrade to any menu, side dishes are often the star of the show. For another take on Potato Skins, consider new toppings like Bubba’s Boneless Ribs...