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Bubba's BBQ Lover Pack $ 74.99 $ 91.96

If you love barbecue as much as we do, this pack’s for you. A little taste of some of Bubba’s best—our innovative Boneless Baby Back Ribs, Fully Cooked Turkey Wings, and Bubba’s World Famous Honey BBQ sauce—the BBQ Lover Pack easily elevates weeknight dinners and makes game days even more delicious.

Bubba's BBQ Lover Pack is Perfect For Entertaining, Football, Tailgating, Family Outings & all your Bar-B-Q Events

This pack includes

(1) 18 oz. De-boned Baby Back Rib Steak,

(1) 5lb. Fully Cooked Turkey Wings with Original BBQ Sauce,

(1) 18 oz. Bottle of Honey BBQ Sauce